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Literature is a very vast field; there are several renowned writers of poems, short stories, fictions, historical records and various other categories of writings. One of the categories of writing is horror stories. As you know, we read books to improve our knowledge or to relax our mind. When we read books on some interesting topics like short stories, jokes or fictions and such other works we feel elated. But, when you read a scariest book; your mind neither relaxes nor you improve your knowledge. On the other hand, you shiver in fear, lock your door securely and some may even decide not to switch off the lights. Now, the question comes; why do you read such scariest book at all? At the same time, you would wonder why writers prefer to pen such books. What is advantage they get by writing such books?

Interestingly, one of the scariest writer has said he chose horror writing because of compulsions. He says he made a market survey and found there are numerous fictions, books for children, jokes but found very little writings on horror stories. Another writer says; she has chosen scariest book because she loves writing such books and people also love reading them. There is another writer who says; writing horror stories is a type of creative writing. On the other hand, do not be under the impression horror writers are something unusual in their day to day activities; they are the same human beings and most of them feel writing scariest books is a kind of diversified writing.

We wanted to find a place on the internet(s) to list down our favorite scariest books of all times. We therefore decided to buy a domain and put up a simple wordpress website for it. We found the domain from the recentlyexpireddomains.net website and purchased it at Namecheap, a Cheap Domain Name Registration website and created our Free website at Wordpress.com. Please find below the list of our favorite horror books

1. The exorcist: This supernatural horror story is written by William Peter Blatty. You may be aware, this book has hit the silver screen also. The story revolves around a catholic priest by name Lankester Merrin. The priest finds an amulet which resembles Pazizu, a demon whom Merrin had defeated several years ago. Merrin concludes the demon has come to take revenge on him. In the meanwhile, the demon takes possession of Regan, the child of Chris MacNeil who is a famous actor. Regan starts behaving strangely; suddenly her voice would change, face turn ugly and violent. Her bed moves violently on its own. Regan even kills the baby sitter. Now, a doctor and psychiatrist try to find out the cause for Regan’s behavior. They conclude to perform exorcism. In the meanwhile the demon possesses Regan’s body. The demon laughs at both and hurts the priest. The doctor thinks the demon has killed the priest and requests the demon to take him and demon leaves Regan’s body and possesses the doctor and kills the doctor. But, the priest was not dead but just unconscious. Now, The priest regains conscious and finds the doctor is dead. He then commits suicide by jumping from the window and the exorcism ends because the priest is killed and the demon has taken the revenge.

2. Ghost Story: This is scariest book from Peter Straub. This is about four middle aged men. In fact, they were a group of five and one among the group by name Edward Wanderley, was killed in a party under mysterious circumstances. From then on, the friends had horrible nightmares and they exchanged several ghost stories. One of the friends recalled his earlier days and the fascination he developed for with one of his students and the way he met with an accidental death while repairing his house. One of his friends took the help of an occult scientist who explained about his experience of a murder that took place in the forest and experiences he had about the ghost. He also explains about the way the body disappeared from the car. The story is considered to be nerve breaking for various experiences of each of the characters in the story about their experiences with the ghost.

3. American Psycho: This is considered to be one of the greatest works by Bret Easton Ellis. The story revolves around a businessman by name Patrick. It depicts the way he kills a young woman and he gradually turns to be serial killer. With increased killing he develops a kind of hallucination in killing people. In fact, Patrick experiences several strange events that make him feel extremely fearful. He notices bones in his bar table. In spite of all these, Patrick continues with his business as usual. Interestingly, the story ends saying ‘this is not an exit’ and Patrick continues with his business as usual. It does not mention whether he continue to be a serial killer. The story depicts Manhattan culture and the story is not recommended for people below 16 years. However, some people call this story as misogynistic and misanthropic. However, by and large people love this story for the way the characters have been introduced into the story and for the description of the horror incidents.

4. The Silence of the Lambs: This is a story by Thomas Harris and published in the year 1988. The story is about a FBI trainee agent named Straling who was asked to take up the task of preparing the psychological profile of serial killers and one such killer he had to interview was Lecter who had nine consecutive life sentences for various serial killings. But, the real intention of the FBI chief in asking Starling to interview Lecter is to look for another serial killer by name Buffalo Bill. This serial killer Bill was using extremely inhuman way of killing bulky woman. The story depicts the gory incidents of how women were killed by Lecter and Bill and how Lecter helped the young FBI agent to hunt for Bill

5. "The Road": This is a story from Cormac McCarthy which has secured several reviews because it depicts the horrible situation faced by a family who happened to cross a post apocalyptic place. The family had to face the threat from few cannibals and the mother in the family commits suicide because she could not bear the physical strain of walking along the apocalyptic place. Now, the father takes his only son to safer place. Yet they face the threat from the cannibals. The father sun duo had nothing to eat and they were starving and yet they make valiant attempt to escape from the cannibals. The father dies due to starvation and the son meets a man who convinces the boy of his good intentions and takes the boy to his possession and eventually saves him. The story depicts the gory incidents of how the cannibals were fighting amongst themselves for food, the way they were killing people and make a feast of the human flesh.

6. The End of Alice: This book written by A.M. Homes is acclaimed as a wonderful work. The story is about a person by name Robert Neville who was suffering from a disease by name pandemic which resembled vampirism. The intensity of the disease was such that his skin was cut to the extent it just imitated vampirism. But with sustained efforts the person finds a way out to get rid of the disease. The person meets another woman who had very recently lost her husband because of the same pandemic disease. In the meanwhile, people attack Neville to kill him because of his ailment. Neville in his attempt to escape shoots at people and injures a child. Later Neville is arrested and put in prison. Now he feels he has become a legend because of his unusual disease.

7. Haunted: This is an unusual story written by Chuck Palahniuk. The story is about a group 17 writers who were locked in a theater. While locking the group, the Whittier, and his assistant Mrs. Clark instruct the writers to write about magnum opus and the group of 17 were given three months time to complete the task. The group was provided with all the facilities like water, food, electricity, and clothing so as to survive for three months. At this point the group of 17 gets the news that Whitter is dead. In the meanwhile, the group decides to make the story more interesting by writing their own stories inside the theater. The group destroys all the facilities give and start fighting amongst themselves like cannibals. At this stage, the three months time elapses and Whitter surfaces and informs the group that he had faked his death and was observing the group in hidden camera and eventually releases the group.

8. John Dies At The End : The writer of this story David Wong is a comic horror novel. This story revolves around two persons namely Dave and John. There was a local band party from performed by John and his group and Dave goes to the party to help John. After the performance, Dave meets a Jamaican and a dog. The Jamaican gives John a drug called Soy Sauce. After taking the drug John experiences certain rare things and he begins to see things. Dave takes John to hospital and by mistake the syringe containing John’s drug smeared blood gets injected to Dave and Dave also undergoes the same experience as John. Now, the story continues to depict how evil spirits had played their role and how Dave and John were saved from this unusual experience.

9. Pet Sematary: This is a fascinating presentation by Stephen King. The story is about a doctor and his family. The doctor moves to a bigger house and from the time he moves to the house certain strange and unhappy incidents begin to occur. His wife gets injured the very next day after they move to the house. In course of time, they discover a cemetery near their house where pet animals were buried. The same night, doctor experiences a dream where he a spirit tells him not to go beyond a limit in the cemetery however much he is inclined to go. The doctor dismisses this as a result of tension. In the meanwhile a truck moves over doctor’s son aged about five or six years and thereafter he loses his wife. After this incident the doctor goes to the cemetery with his wife’s corpse. The story ends with the plot that the doctor experiences the cold touch of his wife on his back with the word ‘darling’.

10. The Rising: This story from Brian Keene is popular for its depiction of extreme violence. The story tries to highlight the effects of particle accelerator experiment. The story is about a scientist who was performing certain experiments on particle accelerator and he is eventually caught in the workplace. The story now highlights the effects of the experiment and how it made people turn cannibals. As reviews say, the story raises more questions than answers. In spite of this, the story has gained popularity because of the various violent situations depicted there.